Summer Dinner

Served Tuesday-Saturday starting at 5:00


  • Smoked Salmon Rillette13.00 
    Buttery house smoked salmon rillette, red pepper coulee, pickled onion and pepper, served with crustinis.
  • Clams or Mussels13.00
    Cooked with fresh chiles and garlic, tossed in a ginger coconut sauce to create a tasty experience. Served with garlic crustinis.
  • Duck Tacos 13.00
  • Three duck confit tacos topped with blackbean and corn pico, manchego cheese and cilantro creme
  • Buffalo Jump13.00
    Bison meatballs smothered in a huckleberry blue cheese sauce. Served with crustinis.
  • Thai Ribs12.00
    Four house smoked pork ribs, glazed with sweet chili sauce and served with a cucumber salad.


  • BLT Salad 12.00
    Fresh romaine topped with crisp bacon, chopped tomatoes, homemade croutons and tossed with Sonoma dressing
    with grilled chicken 15.00
    with house smoked salmon 17.00
  • Hell’s Caesar 11.00
    The classic…crisp romaine, parmesan, homemade croutons, tossed in our Caesar dressing – (anchovy?)
    with grilled chicken 14.00
    with house smoked salmon 16.00
  • Nicoise Salad 16.00
    House smoked salmon, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, red bell peppers, artichoke hearts, fingerling potatoes, asparagus, nicoise olives and capers. Served with lemon dill dressing.
  • Beet Carpaccio Caprese  13.00
  • Oven Roasted red and golden beets, sliced and served with cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto and balsamic gastrique

Heckroaring Young-Uns​


  • Classic PB & J 6.00
  • Mac & Cheese 7.50
  • Yellow Snow6.50
  • Bowser7.00
    All beef 1/4 hot dog
    with chili & cheese 9.00
  • SODAS2.75
    Coke – Diet Coke – Sprite – Root Beer – Dr. Pepper – Tonic – Soda
    Lemonade – Ice Tea – Cranberry Juice – Orange Juice
    Coffee – Herbal Tea – Hot Chocolate
    Ginger Beer3

House Features​

  • Grilled Shrimp Gazpacho 28.00 
  • Four large grilled shrimp with a garlic marinade and served on a toasted baguette over chilled gazpacho. Finished with a lemon zest creme fraiche and crispy leeks
  • Whiskey Glazed Pork Chop 23.00
  • Bone-in pork chop grilled and glazed with a whiskey walnut caramel sauce. Served with green beans and fingerling potatoes
  • Baby Back Ribs
    House smoked and glazed with huckleberry BBQ sauce. Served with Southwest slaw and baked beans.
    6 Bone 23.00
    12 Bone 28.00
  • The Ribeye32.00 
    14 oz. Ribeye served with whipped potatoes, roasted winter squash and topped with portabello bordalaise.
  • Fresh CatchMarket
    Always fresh always delicious, always
  • Magic Carpet Burger
    Half pound Black Angus Burger served with potato chips or raw veggies with a side of ranch dressing.
    Plain 12.00
    with Cheese 13.00
  • Carnitas Style Pulled Pork 13.00
  • Served with cilantro slaw and jalapeno jam on a bun