In Whitefish for over 40 years

Welcome to the fun-lovin’ Hellroaring Saloon, in the Chalet at Big Mountain.


The three-story Chalet, the oldest structure on Big Mountain, was first called the Northern Rocky Chalet and built by Ebb Schuele in 1949. It housed over forty guests per night for more than thirty years.
The second and third floors offered modest accommodations with shared washrooms. The room you are sitting in now was divided into two areas – the upper level with family-style dining and a lower piano lounge filled with couches for relaxation after a big day on the slopes.

Many Big Mountain skiers arrived by rail and took advantage of the American Plan, which in the 1961-1962 season included six days/six nights lodging, meals, lift tickets, ski lessons with transportation to and from Whitefish for the incredible price of $99 per person.

The original “Hellroaring Saloon” was established in 1975 on the corner of Edgewood & Wisconsin Avenue in Whitefish. It was relocated to the Big Mountain Chalet in 1983 and named “Scheule’s” after the original builder. The name was changed to the Hellroaring Saloon & Eatery in 1984 and has been the premier fun spot for skiers ever since.